Monday, March 29, 2010

Ok, so sorry that I haven't written in a while,I've been very busy. But basically this is how things are going: I have all A's and B's even with having the dreaded mono, the band that I am in got all I's in contest(superior ratings), and I haven't gotten sick again. The thing about school though is that even though you try to do your best and people my age work their butts off everyday never to be awarded and only asked"Why can't your grades be higher i thought that you were smart" well the thing about this comment is that Pre-AP classes are 3x's as hard as regular classes. By people saying that they hurt us and then we work even harder. By the time that we are in High School a lot of people turn to drugs to take the stress off of working so much. So the moral of the story for this post is don't stress out people if they are already taking the highest classes and trying their hardest!!!!

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