Monday, March 8, 2010


I feel like that I should say hello to my new blog page as I am starting it and to anyone that may read this or is just skiming through the multiple blogs out there. As my blog title says I am a student I am in all Pre-AP classes and i have a very hectic life this is basically going to be my life and every emotion or thing that I do. I hope not to bore you with my thoughts and life because it can sometimes be very boring as the year goes on. Right know I have mono and i am not in school due to the fact that yes, I have mono. It is the worst disease that i have ever come across in my whole life. Because of my having mono and it being exams times at my school and spring break is next week I am in the worst predicament as i am having to take these exams from home and I have 2 weeks of make-up work to do. The pile for this make-up work is seriously 1-foot high of papers, grades, and lists of things that i need to do or is past due for a grade such as 2book reports, 3 tests, and 4 study guides. As I look at these things I am realizing that i have so much work to do that as I am going away for Spring Break that I am not going to be able to play on the beach and I'm going to be cooped up inside the condo doing work and I might have to take an exam with me. Well all I have to say know is thanks for reading and more should be coming soon.

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