Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pride & Prejudice

As I lay here at home while watching Pride and Prejudice with the rain gently falling outside i wonder what i am missing at my school; what my friends are doing, what the exams that they are taking are like, and what middle school drama is going on. While watching this movie it helps me see how my life compares to the movie and who in my life would be which character in the movie. The thoughts that i have with this movie is deep for every time that i watch this movie i pull out the sewing kit and start to cross stitch. With myself being so weak only having enough energy to type this very blog I am starting to go back over all of the things that i have done in my life. The thoughts that i bear on my head are somewhat similar to the movie and i just wonder if there really are such things as fairy tales and love stories in real life. In reflection of my last blog I just wonder of the thoughts and who ever may be reading this i hope that they see the student of today is very different of the student that they were whenever they were a student.

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